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Web Design

Whether you are looking for a facelift, a template that you can work on yourself or a completely new website, I'd love to work for you!

I can take photos, use clipart, use your graphics or your images to create the look you desire. Photo scanning and image manipulation is also available.

Here is my most popular package deal. With this, and any other option, I will work with you to create your design or create a design for you based on what you suggest.

To create a professional looking website using graphics and photos. The site should be visually appealing, quick to load and easy to navigate.
-Up to 10 basic template design pages with content that you provide. I will work with you to display the information you wish to share in a format that works for you.
-Up to 30 custom graphics and/or photos.
Graphics can be created for you, or can be created using samples that you provide.
Photos that you provide can be scanned, cropped, resized and enhanced as necessary for display on the site.
-Your initial website and graphics on a CD-Rom.
-Submission of your website to at least 2 major search engines. (Providing you have or register a domain name.)
Website Maintenance:
-Posting updates and changing current events. Adding and/or removing photos. $15/hour (minimum charge $7.50) All updates would be done usually within 24 hours.
-Updated CD-Roms of your site, mailed to you. $10 each. This would be beneficial if you would like to have your updated photos and information on a disc. This would be optional and at your request.
Additional Information:
This is just an outline for a basic website. There are many other options and variables that we can discuss, depending on your needs and expectations.
I do not provide domain registration or web hosting, but will assist you with these.

I will not profess to be a scripting guru, but I can manipulate scripts that I have acquired over the years to suit your needs. Visit the following links and you can see various scripting programs that I have added and customized to the site.
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Ready to use templates:
New baby? Wedding? Would you be interested in a prepackaged template? Email me with your theme and I will show you what I can do for you!

Please see my portfolio for a few examples or my recent work.